Best Marketing Funnels (High Conversion Sales Funnels)

Gain Access to The Best Marketing Funnels in Empower Network

As a valued member of the Big Idea Mastermind, you get to super-charge your marketing efforts with not just one of the highest converting, best marketing funnels in the history of online marketing, but 3:

Best Marketing Funnel

Big Idea Mastermind | Easy Access Profits | Empower Network Funnel

How you will benefit by using the best marketing funnels?

  1. Use our 3 highly converting funnels to make money with us.  These 3 funnels are proven.  They convert.  They do all of the heavy lifting for you.  They take the guesswork out of marketing, so you can stop scratching your head in frustration.
  2. Gain access to the most comprehensive…cut through the bullshit…traffic generation training ever created.  We will show you how to get highly targeted visitors to your funnels and work within your budget, no matter what it is. 

Insanely High Converting Funnels + Cost Effective Laser Targeted Traffic = We All Make Money 

Before I begin, I want to share a link to an article from WikiHow, entitled: How To Create and Internet Marketing Funnel – 11 Steps

Now, let’s take a look at teach Empower Network marketing funnel.

The best way for you to become convinced that these funnels work, is to pretend you are your prospect and Opt-In to each funnel.  While each one promotes Empower Network, they all do it in their own way with their own unique techniques and styles.  All of these guys are on our team and have a financial interest in your success.  That makes a huge difference in how much they are willing to share.  It basically means that you will have access to all of their tools and trainings and webinars and autoresponder messages and videos blah blah blah.  By the way, you can use all of these or just pick your favorite.  It is totally up to you.  We want to make it all available, but give you choices.  You will get full access it all.  This is the sweet spot in the Empower Network.  Picking the right upline, is KEY to your success in a business like this.  These guys rock!   You are about to enter the world of 100% Commission cutting edge, done for you, marketing.

  1. Funnel #1:  Big Idea Mastermind Sales Funnel, by Vick Strizheus This first funnel you will be able to plug into as a valued member of our team, is the internationally famous video funnel created by #1 Empower Network income earner, Vick Strizheus.   This funnel has been responsible for attracting thousands of Empower Network members around the globe and turning Vick into Empower Network’s top earner.  Here he sports a check for a cool $921,600.00.  Climb inside and check it out for yourself.  Be skeptical and try to shoot holes in it.  Then, watch what happens to your belief level, as Vick explains why it works so well and why you can make money copying what he does and sending traffic to the funnel to make money.  This sales funnel is simply irresistible.

    Best Marketing Funnels - Vick Strizheus and Big Idea Mastermind

    Big Idea Mastermind Funnel, by Vick Strizheus

  2. Funnel #2: Easy Access Profits Funnel, by Peng Joon  This second funnel was created by young internet marketing phenom, top Clickbank Seller and work from no home creator.  Don’t let Peng’s youth fool you.  He is one of the highest paid online marketers in the world.  He too got tired of making small commissions and finally gave in!  He joined Empower Network, because he knew that if he married his traffic generating abilities, his experience creating high converting sales funnels and the 100% Commissions offered by Empower Network, he could take his game to a whole new level.  Plus, he loved the Empower Network online marketing education, available on the inside when you join EN. I love this funnel.  Peng Joon is a great teacher and a very nice guy.  He offers to create a free website for anyone who joins our team.  His auto-responder email campaign is very compelling and will drip on your prospects, piquing their interest and making it hard for them to decide NOT to join your team.

    Best Marketing Funnels - Peng Joon's Easy Access Sales Funnel

    Easy Access Profit Funnel, by Peng Joon

  3. Funnel #3: New Empower Network Funnel, by Dave Sharpe  This third funnel is the new Empower Network Funnel, created by Empower Network founder Dave Sharpe.  Dave is just plain good!  He is so believable and he’s great at painting the big picture, when it comes to EN.  The production is top notch on this funnel.  You will get to see the inside of David’s mansion and then he will explain exactly why this opportunity makes so much sense.

    Best Marketing Funnels - New Empower Network Funnel -  Dave Sharpe Presenting

    New Empower Network Funnel, by Dave Sharpe (EN Founder)

Your Invitation

Please accept our personal invitation to join the #1 Team in Empower Network.  Explore what we are offering, here.

Just Copy Us 

Making money online is not difficult.  If that is the case, then why do 95%+ of the well intentioned, creative, hardworking entrepreneurs who attempt it, fail to make significant ongoing income?  The answer is that they have not cracked the code.

The surest way to succeed at this game, is to copy people who are already making a lot of money.  Too many people dive in and attempt to figure it all out on their own.  Or, they follow the direction and advice (paid or free) of the wrong people…people who probably have not mastered the ins and outs of internet marketing and earning money online, themselves.

Don’t take the long way home!  Just copy us!  Copy our proven, documented, step-by-step marketing system.  Don’t reinvent the wheel or follow advice that has not worked so far and probably will not work in the future for you.  Hit or miss experimenting sucks.  What we do has worked for us and it can work for you.  And, we are willing to share it all with you.  We don’t hold anything back, because we make more money by helping you make more money.

We have made millions of dollars online following strategies that work because they work, period…not because we got lucky.

First of all, we have created the sales funnels for you.

  • You won’t have to create a blog or website we have already done it for you.
  • You won’t have to create a structured presentation (sales funnel) that turns your visitors into semi-interested prospects who become more interested prospects and then whip out their credit card and decide they can’t live another day without being a part of what you are offering.
  • You won’t even have to call your prospects or email them, trying to push them off the fence to become a part of what you are offering.  We have created the award winning, money getting email auto-responder follow up messages that will automatically literally push your visitors through the sales cycle and many of them will decide to go for it.

Second of all, we will teach you how to get paid and free traffic to your funnels.

  • Vick Strizheus’s team is the #1 Empower Network team.  In just the first month, he made over $700,000 implementing these strategies.  Now, he wants to teach you how to copy him.  Again, do not reinvent the wheel and try to figure out how to make money online, when over 95% of your predecessors have failed at it.
  • Not only will you have access to 3 of the highest converting sales funnels in the history of advertising and marketing, but you will als0 have access to all of the traffic generation strategies, used to fill the funnels with laser targeted prospects who are looking for what you are offering and happy that they found your website.
  • No more getting on the phone with people who are not interested in what you are offering and trying to talk them into joining or buying.  Stop banging your head against the wall, trying to talk people into your deals.  They are having no fun and neither are you.  Am I right?
  • Simplify your money making methods.  Face it!  If you can successfully get lots of laser targeted visitors to visit and move through a proven sales funnel, with super high conversion rates, your chances of finally making money online will greatly increase.  That is the secret sauce!
 We want to skip the hype and simply blow your socks off with proof, documentation and pure logic.  We are on to something really big!  If you are not already a part of it, you are going to want to be.
  • Are you on a mission to make money online?
  • Are you tired of the hype and over promising and under delivering going on?
  • Are you confused with all the courses and hyped up money-making programs being sold that just lead you down a time and money consuming rabbit hole?
  • Are you looking for a real, proven way to finally make full-time income online?
  • Finally, are you smart enough to see a legitimate opportunity when you see one?
Facts are Facts

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 23 months or so, you know that The Empower Network has changed the whole international network marketing / work from home / online marketing industry landscape.

Over the past 24 months, EN has generated over 155,000 paid customers and paid out around $70,000,000 in commissions.  And, much of that money has been paid to members of the Big Idea Mastermind Team.  Numbers do not lie.  This 100% Commission dealy works!

Entrepreneurs around the globe are snapping out of it and asking themselves this simple question:

“Why would I work my butt off, focus my business building resources, my money, my time, my creativity, my frustration and my success dreams to make 5% or 10% commissions when I can make 100% commissions?”


If so many smart, business people are asking themselves this question, don’t you think their downline members are also asking it?  Why do you think there has been so much attrition in the industry?  We are tired of making our companies rich!  We want to make more of the money on the business we generate!
Next, imagine implementing the cutting edge traffic generating strategies you will learn on the inside, to send visitors to see what you just saw on one or all of these high converting sales funnels.  Can you see yourself making money online, now?  That is what this is all about and why it just makes sense.  Check out the best marketing funnels. We will see you on the inside.

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